Krishna Chaitanya Degree College


Krishna Chaitanya Degree College is one of the top colleges in Andhra Pradesh. Providing education at the pre-university, undergraduate and post graduate level Established in 1998 by Dr.RV.Krishna Reddy and P.Chandra Sekhar Reddy. At Krishna Chaitanya Colleges the Vision is to impart Quality in education. The College strives to balance academic excellence with co-curricular activities that enhance the overall development of students.

Our Academic System :

The academic council of the college consists of compartments Heads and academic supervisors with the principal as the team leader. The council meets every team to plan our strategies for better performance of the teachers, materials, infra-structure and program for effective methodology. The whole years plan concerning academics are analyzed, discussed and finalized in the Academic council. Here Knowledge imparting will not help the students to achieve the ultimate goal. Hence the college has deviced many systems to equip the students to achieve their ambition. Our Uniqueness is weekly unit test i.e., Every tuesday and saturday, unit tests are conducted in the first two periods of forenoon session and afternoon session. Students get ample oppurtunities for learning this weekly lessons then and there and prepare well for final Semister Examinations.

Bird’s eye view of Krishna Chaitanya Success :

  • 1998 - Krishna Chaitanya Degree College
  • 2005 - Krishna Chaitanya P.G College
  • 2006 - Krishna Chaitanya Jr.College
  • 2007 - Krishna Chaitanya Residential Jr.College (Boys)
  • 2007 - Krishna Chaitanya Institute of Science & Technology
  • 2007 - Krishna Chaitanya Residential Jr.College (Girls)
  • 2012 - Krishna Chaitanya Jr. College in Stone house pet
  • 2014 - Krishna Chaitanya Jr. College in Dargamitta
  • 2016 - Krishna Chaitanya overtake the familiar college named Guthikonda Sreeramulu College Buchireddypalem

Today Krishna Chaitanya happens to be one of the largest Educational groups in the state of Andhra Pradesh with more then 300 Faculty and around 200 Administrative Staff and above 10000 Students.